Hello, Sweetie <3

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Hello, Sweetie <3

Postby Artzygrrl » Mon Jan 29, 2018 10:51 am

Hey everyone! So, a rather unfortunate accident befell TC when I was trying to update and...well...we have a new layout! And no posts. Haha! It works out, though, because I was planning to redo some sections anyway, so I think this will be a "fresh start" for us.

Anyway, I'm Artzygrrl, my real name is Abbie, and I have been dolling since 2005. I'm a stay at home mom and my toddler is very gracious about me dolling (think of a toddler standing on the other side of a baby gate, crying loudly. HE LOVES IT)! I also have a couple other dolling related sites, namely, my dA account and Dolling for Dummies, as well as the NTD Pageant which is currently running. I'm also a chronic overcommitter, so there's that. But, I try to follow through on my commitments. :)

That's basically it for me. I also really love all shades of the color orange. Coral, pumpkin, peach...they are my favorites. And my favorite musicians...ooh, that's hard. As for musicians who are currently making music, I love Emile Pandolfi and the Piano Guys. I'm also a big fan of classical music. :)